My Primary Purpose

As a local independent Health Benefit Consultant, I represent many of the major carriers in the Medicare and Health Insurance industry.

Suzy Webb

A Plan for Everyone - "Health Solutions Made Simple"

I am an Independent Health Benefit Consultant, helping people navigate the healthcare intricacies. My goal is to help individuals and families find the best affordable Health Care that is personalized to fit your needs.

My experience in educating and training has allowed me to help educate and support health care benefit options for you. I help individuals, families, self-employed business owners, and people losing coverage due to job situation.  

I represent all the major medical carriers.  The benefit you receive is that I can design a plan that utilizes the best of the best, while meeting your current healthcare needs, and at an affordable cost.

I  help with Medicare, Health Dental, Vision, Life, and accident/critical insurance. There is no cost for my help!

Let’s talk and learn about your health benefits!

*Please contact me, Suzy Webb at (904) 910-6182 or email me at [email protected] to learn more about your options.

My #1 priority is to make sure all your health insurance needs are met.

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